We are able to offer consultancy in various ways:

Food Ratings “Scores on the Doors”
The Food Rating System is the auditing process which is carried out by all councils throughout the country on food producing premises to ensure the public is protected and that high standards are being maintained.

The system operates with an Environmental Health Officer making a random visit to review the processes taking place, establishments covered will include church halls, village halls, canteens, restaurants, cafes, snack vans, pubs, clubs, care homes, hotels, bed and breakfast, fast food outlets.
Based on the findings of the audit the establishment is giving a number rating from 0 to 5, five being excellent and zero showing very poor hygiene conditions and major non-compliance with food legislation.

The ratings are often published in the local newspapers and they are also placed on the “Food Ratings” website.

If your business has received a poor star rating and you need help in improving it, then please get in contact to discuss your needs.

Premises Audits
If you are unsure of what is required to be in place in a catering establishment and you would like some friendly guidance or advice then again please contact Derek Robinson.