Public awareness of Food Safety has greatly increased over recent years, possibly prompted by some well-publicised cases of major food poisoning outbreaks. Many have suffered severe symptoms and sadly, in the more extreme cases, lives have been lost.

Our modern lifestyles and improved incomes have both contributed to the increase of food poisoning. Issues related to foreign travel, eating “on the go”, fast food outlets, barbecues and catered events have all been implicated.

At Food Hygiene Training – South West we train staff in the correct procedures for food handling and storage with industry recognised qualifications:

Food Safety Courses

Level 2 Food Safety in Catering / Retail / Manufacturing

Introduction to Food Safety
Personal Hygiene
Microbiological Hazards
Food Premises & Equipment
Food Poisoning & Controls
Food Pests & Controls
Contaminations & Hazards
Allergen Control

Cleaning & Disinfection
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Level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Catering / Retail / Manufacturing

Supervisory Management
Applying & Monitoring Good Food
Safety Measures
Contributing to the Food Safety
Training of Others
Temperature Control (Cooking/Chilling)
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